DAM creates fun and bold jewelry for audacious women.

We believe jewelry is made to be seen, which is why we like to create big and flashy pieces. Sterling silver is our main material, and every gram we use is recycled (it’s obtained from x-ray plates and laboratories residues, among other sources). Many times we carefully select semiprecious stones to complement our designs.

DAM is an acronym of my name, Diana Ascencio Montes. I design all the pieces and chose to work hand in hand with goldsmith craftsmen to create them and counter the current trend of automatizing a lot of the processes involved in creating a jewel, something which is sending this craft into oblivion. Our pieces are made by someone, not by something. This has given me the chance to make a positive impact on the city where I live, San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, and promote the creation of jobs with fair wages.

My love for jewelry started since I was a child, because my grandmother is a jeweler and I remember that at eight years old I loved spending time with her in her workshop. I was very intrigued to know what each tool was for and, at first, I played making jewelry. Later, when my grandmother saw that I was really interested, she taught me some basic things.

Academic life was never my thing and, when I grew up, I was not very clear on what to do with my life. There I remembered how much I liked working with my grandmother's tools and started making pieces like the necklaces of the Agate collection.

San Miguel de Allende, a city full of tradition but very cosmopolitan, was the place where I started to grow as a jeweler. Here I took my first steps working with silver - a material that occupies more than 90% of our pieces today - and began to experiment with increasingly striking designs.

Part of the income of every sale are destined to help stray dogs, giving them temporary or permanent homes. As of now, I have seven: Merlina, Sofia, Dana, Filiberto, Pancho, Lila and Luca.

Let me show you a piece of my world.